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//How To Identify Swarovski Crystals

How To Identify Swarovski Crystals

There are many discussions about Swarovski crystals; think about the fakes that are circulating on the Internet and in stores. Swarovski is a well-respected and well-known brand, and some unscrupulous dealers want to take advantage of this.

Unlike other crystals or gems, Swarovski crystals are artificial. They contain 32% lead and have little resemblance to diamonds. At first glance, you can easily mistake it for a diamond.

It is not easy to recognize a fake Swarovski crystal, but then it is not entirely impossible. But the problem is; these unscrupulous jewelers are smarter day by day. In order to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of fake Swarovski jewelry, it is wise to learn some of the expertise of Swarovski crystals.

Otherwise, there is a risk when buying jewelry online or in a physical store. For example, the difficulty of authenticating a jewel, and the behavior of a scammer as a legitimate seller. We all know that some of Swarovski’s crystals are not cheap, they will leave a canyon-sized gap in your wallet. However, if you have to buy online, deal only with trusted and reputable jewelers. All Swarovski jewelry is packaged in the original Swarovski jewelry with a certificate.

Swarovski laser etching trademark

When buying Swarovski crystals, please pay attention to the laser engraved trapezoidal logo inside the crystal. Of course, except Bordeaux and emerald Swarovski crystals (they are not etched trademarks).

Swarovski Strass and Spectra

Most people have difficulty interpreting Swarovski’s Strass from the spectrum. Some people don’t even know what the difference is. Strass is the highest quality crystal with 32% lead and 8 rows of facets. All Strath crystal codes start with the number “8” and are twice the price of Spectra.

On the other hand, the Swarovski spectrum is lead-free and has no marking. Passwords with spectral crystals start with 9. It is advertised as a cheap alternative to Swarovski’s spectral crystals.

  Check the official seal of Swarovski

Each tag has a unique 16-digit identification code. It can be easily verified on the official website. In addition, Swarovski’s seal holographic effect not only hits the counterfeit, but also improves safety.

Find if the too good to be true deal is legit

For a most sought-after jewelry brand, it is highly unlikely to sell it at half the price of the normal price; especially when other suppliers sell at normal or higher prices. The finished product of “Swarovski Crystal” is likely to be a counterfeit.

There are scammers selling fake goods everywhere. When buying Swarovski crystal products, such as chandeliers, earrings, necklaces, watches, etc., be vigilant.

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  1. Savanah March 19, 2019 at 1:44 am - Reply

    When many people plan to buy Swarovski crystals, they can buy them at the counters. They are afraid of being bought by other means. They are afraid of being bought by other two series. In fact, everyone should find their own psychological purchasing needs. If their funds are thick, then Go to the counter to buy, in fact, as long as there are swan marks and instructions on the Internet, whether it is purchasing or online purchase, we do not have to doubt, it must be Swarovski crystal. In fact, the main point of distinguishing the authenticity is the pictographic swan mark, which is subject to the repair. Another option is semi-finished products, namely Swarovski strass and Swarovski compents, but these two series are not directly for consumers. Now sellers are getting goods through agents. Due to market needs, Swarovski is also Implementing non-mandatory policies, their own fashion ministry has also developed many DIY styles, which are discouraged and do not suppress policies.

  2. Giada March 18, 2019 at 10:50 pm - Reply

    1. Logo: Swarovski crystal is divided into two types: one is the counter with the swan logo, with the certificate, the other is the current Swarovski DIY jewelry is the swarovski compents crystal, there is no security mark, only on the outside, on the big package There is a security mark.
      2, manufacturers: the Austrian Swarovski company can only be called Swarovski crystal. Other crystals such as Czech crystals and domestic high-grade crystals cannot be called Swarovski crystals.
      3, purity: clear and transparent, no bubbles, no impurities, no flaws.
      4, cutting: different cutting methods, different refractive effects, poor cutting or even no gloss. Swarovski crystal, the big feature is the advanced cutting process. The more the cut surface of the crystal, the more the light shines, the more shiny, the diamond-like effect. Moreover, the cutting line is sharp, and the cutting facets are smooth without fine lines. The particle size and uniformity have a smooth feeling, unlike ordinary crystal cutting lines that are blunt and blunt.
      5, color: good crystal color is pure, in the light or sunlight, it shows a very obvious rainbow color.
      6, Transmittance: Swarovski crystals have other translucent properties that are not comparable to ordinary crystals or natural crystals.
      7. Price: If the product price is lower than the price of the counter, it is obvious that the fake is undoubted.
      8, jewelry box: blue box, there will be a swan logo on the box and write a few words SWAROVSKI.

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