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Children’s jewelry is not a new concept, even though it may seem to be in the beginning. In fact, the tradition of children and even newborns wearing their own jewelry has deep roots, which can be traced back to ancient customs. Bracelets and anklets are undoubtedly the most popular type of jewelry for children, but in some countries, necklaces and earrings are also common gifts for children, whether boys or girls.

The history of children’s jewelry

In ancient times, it was a global practice to give children jewelry. It is believed that these special jewels can protect children from evil—along with all its decorative aspects. At first, these jewels were made of animal hair and shells, and later evolved into exquisite gold and stone designs, found in ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, Byzantium and other regions. Even the Bible mentions examples of children wearing jewelry.

Every place and every country on the planet has its own way of treating children’s jewelry, but the unquestionable fact is that this tradition exists and continues to grow. For example, Cambodian parents often tie silver ropes with bells to their children’s ankles to drive away evil spirits and keep track of their movement. According to African tradition, the stretching of the earlobe starts with baby jewelry. Since the early 14th century, a major Italian custom is to give newborns a small cross necklace made of coral to protect them from the “evil eye”, and so on.

In the 17th century, jewelry craftsmanship became very popular in Europe, which also included making special gold or silver diapers/bib clips for babies of the time. In the Victorian period, this trend quickly developed into gold-plated baby bracelets and necklaces with the child’s name or simply “baby” inscribed. Brooches with jewels are popular baby accessories in wealthier families. This trend quickly spread to the United States, where parents would use baby pins instead of ordinary buttons on baby clothes, and also use coral bead necklaces as gifts for children to protect.

In addition, in some cultures, such as Latin America and South Asia, baby girls should be pierced. In other words, in these cultures, buying the first earrings for your baby is one of the most special moments for parents or grandparents.

Is baby jewelry a good idea?

In this era, we have a better understanding of health and safety, which raises the question of whether baby jewelry is a good idea. In other words, as long as the materials used are hypoallergenic and all safety measures have been taken, especially in piercing the ears, it is important that there is no medical statement that baby jewelry is dangerous.

In addition to preventing potential allergies by choosing suitable jewelry materials suitable for children’s sensitive skin, the biggest concern is the danger of suffocation. In this sense, when giving a child a piece of jewelry, the most important thing is to simply follow common sense.

In other words, it would be best to avoid necklaces completely until the child is old enough to know not to put foreign objects in their mouth. But the choking hazard is not only present with the necklaces but also anklets and bracelets that are too dangly or have loose clasps. In that respect, make sure to purchase jewelry that doesn’t have charms and beads, keep the bracelets and anklets tight-fitting and make sure that each item has a safety clasp. If you can seriously consider these issues and choose the right jewelry according to your child’s age, the question of whether baby jewelry is a good idea will boil down to aesthetic issues, nothing more.

Popular baby girl jewelry choices

There are many different options when looking for the best baby girl jewelry gifts.

Bracelets are very popular baby jewelry gifts because they won’t be too troublesome for the baby, and they look absolutely cute on her little wrist. More importantly, they can be passed down from generation to generation, and once the girl grows up, they can be used as home decorations. There is a very popular style of baby girl bracelet that uses a string with a child’s birthstone or a plate with her birth date.

In recent years, with the development of fashion trends, anklets in baby jewelry have become more and more popular because they have the least potential for suffocating children. They come in a variety of styles and are often labeled “baby’s first anklet”. The best choice of baby anklets is available in Asian jewelers and merchants.

Necklaces are not the most popular baby jewelry, it is more common to find necklaces suitable for toddlers than babies. However, it is possible to find more bulky baby-sized necklaces, actually to help the baby grow teeth. However, these necklaces are not as decorative and fashionable as ordinary necklaces.

Earrings are definitely rich when one is looking for suitable baby girl jewelry. Generally speaking, earrings are made of small nails, but they come in various shapes, such as stars, hearts, butterflies, flowers, and even a delicate cubic zirconia as a delicate detail. Of course, the perforation must be performed by professional,so that there is no risk of infection. The most ideal material is 14k gold to prevent allergic reactions.

Religious jewelry is also very popular, whether it is baby girl jewelry or baby boy jewelry. Generally speaking, these typical bracelets symbolize baptism and baptism. As mentioned above, necklaces with patterns such as crosses and stars are best reserved for toddlers.

The rise of baby jewelry

Baby girl jewelry may be more common, but now there are more choices, and baby boy jewelry too. As mentioned above, religious bracelets are gender-neutral. In this sense, other baby boy bracelets also have more choices, with a more masculine style, with bracelets and spelled names. In addition, popular children’s necklaces include dog tag-style pendants and pendants with family religious colors. However, little boy earrings are still unpopular, and it is difficult to find earrings made specifically for boys. But if you like this style and want to make your son pierced, there are many simple ear studs to choose from.

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