Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

In choosing wedding ring, many newlyweds have no idea among a sea of jewelries for lack of experience. Wedding ring is the witness of marriage happiness, as well as the symbol of sweet and stable marriage of the new couple.Therefore, it is most important to choose a wedding ring suitable for each other. Following are tips of red nymph that will teach you how to choose wedding ring.
  Choose Wedding Ring of Mutual Favorite  

 First, new couple should have to know that wedding ring must be bought by both of them. To buy a proposal ring, you may only to please your girlfriend, but it is not the case when it comes to wedding ring, thus it’s special for properly choosing wedding ring. In the life after marriage, the couple usually wear the wedding ring all the time, which indicates their mutual love and tells their marriage status to others. If one of the new couple is reluctant to wear the wedding ring due to disliking the pattern, it makes no sense to buy the wedding ring. Then, how to choose a proper wedding ring? Both of the new couple must buy wedding ring together, if they feel the wedding ring pleasing them in the first glance, believe the intuition. For picky buying will dazzle your eyes from the object, and will result in disagreement in choosing the pattern of wedding ring.

   Choose Wedding Ring Suitable for Both Lovers 

How to choose wedding ring? Of course, in choosing wedding ring, both lovers should like it, and it must match their hand shape for best ornamental effect of the jewelry. Due to different shapes of male and female fingers, this principle should be followed in this case. If both of your fingers are fat, bold wedding ring will be proper and right for you; if your fingers are slender, wedding ring of relatively plain pattern is recommended.

 4C Principles for choosing Diamond 

A western proverb says that diamond is the best friend of your girlfriend, likewise, there is an advertisement in China saying “a diamond is forever”. Though many people also choose other jewelry as wedding ring, such as ruby, emerald or pearl, still diamond is the most fashionable choice of wedding ring. Keep in mind the 4C principles in choosing diamond, namely, Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat

  What Metallic Base should be Chosen? 

For thousands of years, gold and silver have been being considered as the most valuable metals. In any period, any country and region, gold and silver are regarded as the hard currency of the highest collection value for circulation as money. Until today, gold and silver are taken by many as principal material of the base for wedding ring. In recent years, however, platinum emerges overnight as a more valuable and aesthetic metal, is popular among global customers, and becomes the best seller in jewelry stores. Furthermore, platinum features high hardness and unlikely to peel off when the diamond is set onto it.

Besides, two alloys are very popular in foreign market, namely, white gold and pink gold, both are alloy by adding elements of other metal in the gold, except with brighter, more mellow and uniform luster than pure gold. In addition, there is mosaic gold, which is weaved or intertwined style and pattern of various forms with alloys of different colors, featured by aesthetics, modesty and highlighted individuality, and high collection value.

With regard to the purity of gold, K is usually used for measurement. Larger K means higher purity, and 24K gold is regarded as pure gold. In general case, 24K gold is not chosen as the base material, since pure gold is very soft, apt to wear and breakage, and peeling off when gem is set in. For this reason, 18K gold ring is most seen in the jewelry shop, which features higher hardness and meeting the condition for use as the base. In western countries, the most popular base is made of 14K gold that is dismissed by Chinese customers, only for its high hardness. 14K gold ring can be maintained in original condition after wearing for more than 50 years, thus wedding anniversary is called golden wedding among western elderly.