Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

A pair of pretty earrings should match your complexion and facial form to be good-looking, and different earrings set off the taste of different people. Then, how to choose your proper earring accessory? Followings are tips for females to choose earring accessories suitable for their facial form, hair style, body form, complexion, season etc.

First, earring should be concerted with facial form, circular earring is not suitable for big face like the author, rather large earring closing to the ears is preferred, or triangular earring is Ok to reduce the broad sense of face. Small face matches earring in moderate size, with length not exceeding 2 centimeters. Plump face does not match circular earring, which will highlight plumpness of face too much, so long and pendulous square or triangular earring is good. It’s advisable for females of square face to make up plump face by cosmetic technique, and tie a pendulous earring in moderate size, so as to highlight the beautiful curve of face. Long face matches circular earring or big earring, which will tune up face image for plump and charming impression.

Next, earring should be concerted with hair style. Female with shoulder-length hair wearing narrow and long ear-drop looks pretty and eye-catching; if short hair females wear earring of equal length to hair tip, it’ll ruin aesthetic feeling, rather, short hair in combination with exquisite earring highlight female vividness and canniness; it’s advisable for females with slanting hair style to wear big earring for balancing effect and special charm; while classic bob mixing with pendant type earring bring out civility and elegance.

Earring should be concerted with body form. Runty females wearing ear-closing dotted accessories are elegant, pretty and fair. However, wearing ear pendant looks more runty due to downward visual  movement; thin and tall females wearing ear-drop or big earring adds a touch of charm.

Earring should be concerted with complexion. Watch for facial complexion in choosing earring. Females of dark complexion should wear light accessory, and dark-colored accessory can be chosen with prudence but match well with dressing. Females of light complexion should choose dark-colored accessories. This is for color contrast and better visual effect. White skin matches red, light pink, olive and the like, and gold is suitable for any type of complexion.

Last, earring should be concerted with season. In general, summer earring should be light and in various sizes, to bring the feelings of cool and affinity. Winter earring should better be of plain silver for the impression of modesty and generosity.