If you now know that you need to prepare various accessories for each season, how do you choose?

Winter / Autumn:

Tip 1: shine with diamonds

In winter, diamonds are your best choice.

They are versatile and they have the ability to improve any equipment without difficulty. You should buy diamond earrings and rings for the season.

For most of this season, you will be covered in thick sweaters and / or scarves. So, in this season, getting a diamond necklace may not be a good choice. Just make sure you buy diamond jewelry of the season.

Tip 2: choose a big ring

Although you cannot wear necklaces or bracelets, because of winter clothes, you can wear rings.

Winter is the best season for wearing big rings. So, if they get dust on your jewelry box, it’s time to take them out and show off your beautiful fingers. Because winter clothing is more bulky and more prominent than summer clothing, it is important to wear appropriate jewelry. The small ring won’t go unnoticed and won’t always be visible even in your winter outfit. That’s why we recommend wearing a big ring in winter.

Tip 3: wear prominent earrings

Aside from rings, your next most important piece of jewelry is earrings. So buy big and prominent earrings for your winter collection. The best option is to choose large studs or hoop. As we said before, you should choose diamond earrings for this purpose. Large earrings can highlight your face shape and make you stand out on any occasion. Be sure to prepare some earrings and earbands for winter. If you want inspiration, check out our collection of diamond earrings for women. We believe you will not be disappointed.

Tip 4: buy winter style designs

Yes, there are also winter inspired designs on the market. The most awesome design is inspired by snowflakes. You can wear these outfits in your daily wear to show others that you followed the spirit of the season. There are many types of jewelry inspired by winter. A great inspirational work in this regard is the Snowflake Band. It looks simple, but in fact, it is a work that looks cool.

Tip 5: platinum or sterling silver?

In winter, you should choose platinum or silver as the metal. You can also buy gold jewelry of the season, but most of your choices should be these two metals. Platinum is more expensive and luxurious, so you can choose to invest in platinum rings. On the other hand, silver has more uses and more parts in this metal. You can also buy silver earrings and rings to match platinum rings. Add diamonds and you have perfect winter jewelry!

Tip 6: don’t overdo it

When you wear conspicuous earrings and rings, it is important to maintain balance. Make sure you don’t wear too many rings. Excessive behavior would defeat the same purpose. Too many rings will make you look as if you are working too hard. Wear a distinctive ring and use several rings to highlight it. If you’re wearing a signature necklace, don’t wear too fancy rings. Just keep these points in mind and you will be in good shape during this cold season.

Summer / Spring:

Tip 7: choose brightly colored clothes, Summer is bright colors. Yellow, red, orange, all these colors symbolize the spirit of this season. Not only that, blue and green work well in summer. You should buy some gem jewelry in summer. To add a bit of variation, you can also buy a beaded necklace. Ruby and sapphire are the most attractive gems that you can wear in this season.

Tip 8: layering is good

You will show your skin in summer. The skin that was previously covered with a high collar and long sleeves can now be covered with jewelry. Layer your necklaces and show off your neckline, buy gold necklaces and layer them around your neck. For layering, you should have multiple gold chains and necklaces of different sizes. Just make sure they have similar designs or fall into the same category in style. Otherwise, your neckline will look too uncoordinated and ruin your image. We recommend layering 3-4 pieces of different lengths.

Tip 9: wear a bracelet to show your arms

Winter long sleeves have no place in summer. Now you can wear multiple bracelets to beautify your arms. With a bracelet, you can use two methods:

1) Wear a signature bracelet and then a few complementary bracelets

2) Put on a signature bracelet and multiple rings with contrasting patterns

Both methods are effective. You can switch between the two. But be sure not to try both methods at the same time. Otherwise, you will look like a tribal queen (if you are going to a tribal-themed party, this is fine). Buy thin and thick bracelets for summer. If you want to try look in option no. 2. Then buy a ring similar to the bracelet design.

Tip 10: multiple accessories

Accessories play an important role in your appearance. Make sure your jewellery also matches your accessories. You can also rely on different jewelry to meet your fashion needs. For example, in summer you can buy beautiful anklets or anklets. They will make your feet look more beautiful and make you look more charming than before. In addition, hats and sunglasses should match your clothing. In this regard, you don’t want to end with a mismatched result. It can easily ruin your looks.

Tip 11: buy floral patterns

Summer is the season to show your natural side. Floral patterns are popular this season because they fit the spirit of the season. Summer and spring are all about joy, excitement, and happiness. The floral design fits exactly this description. The best part about these designs is that they have rings, bracelets and pendants. Floral jewelry also goes well with your summer outfits. Many well-known works have floral patterns, so you don’t have to worry too much about this. You can start with our bouquet pendants.

Tip 12: try different styles

Summer gives you a lot of freedom. Now is the best time to try different styles and experiments. Read also: Quick guide to buying jewelry for different occasions You can try different combinations to create your own unique personal style. Several experiments we recommend include:

1) Wear needle earrings, but only one ear

2) Combining two different styles of jewelry (such as modern and cultural)

3) Wear jewelry with gems for richer colors

There are many things you can do when doing experience