Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Jewelry is not just something we wear to match our outfit; it is an expression of fashion and individuality that can enhance the overall image and confidence of the wearer. On some special occasions, when we want to show our best side, it is natural to want a special piece of jewelry. In other words, Christmas fashion jewelry brings some very popular jewelry trends, which will definitely make you look stunning. Of course, you can also rock the following pieces whenever you see fit; the key is to find a style and trend that you can 100% blend into.

Crystal statement necklaces

Is there anything more festive than large sparkling gems to compliment your Christmas fashion gear? If you prefer to make a statement wherever you go, you’ll love rocking crystal statement necklaces for the 2020 holiday season. Big chains adorned with fancy crystals mimicking the shapes of flowers and stars are among the most popular pieces at the moment. You can choose a “subtle” version by opting for single color gems or go all out with a range of different gem colors. Both options are bound to make you look like million dollars as you sparkle brighter than the Christmas tree.

Gold chain jewelry

If you are interested in the whole statement concept, but are not too keen on gems, you can find your ideal jewelry on the heavy gold chain. Since the 1980s and 1990s, gold chain jewelry has made a comeback in recent years, and it will be all the rage in 2020. The simple design allows the wearer to match these chains with any fashion style they like (even sports and leisure), but the size of the chain is the real expression. It is easy to wear as a necklace and bracelet. Layered appearances with different lengths make an instant pop!

Gold jewelry

Gold seems to be more than just the metal of choice for 2020-if you want to look bougie and elegant, gold is your first choice. If you want to make your dress simple and low-key, then gold can make you stand out from the crowd like the rarest gem. Whether it’s a ring, necklace, bracelet, earring or brooch, if you want to create a high-end look, nothing can replace gold. There is nothing wrong with using 24k gold coins, but even if you plan to use lower gold, make sure you choose real gold, because this will help your jewelry stand the test of time.

Geometrically shaped jewelry

Your goal is to perfectly blend fashion statements, the latest jewelry trends and unique jewelry designs? The answer lies in these geometric shapes of jewelry. From triangles and diamonds to rectangles and other more “interesting” shapes of jewelry, these days you can easily find a large number of jewelry with a certain geometric concept. In addition to necklaces and bracelets, chandeliers and even ear studs are stunning accessories that allow you to ride this trend. More importantly, this trend has a modern fast-paced lifestyle that will immediately make you look more fashionable.

Hand bracelets

If you don’t like the bulky things on your neck, you can still express your fashion statement with bracelet jewelry. In other words, one of the most popular Christmas jewelry ideas is the bracelet. You can choose a more refined or bulky design. The reason these bracelets are so special and interesting is that they are connected to the ring on your finger. To some extent, you can use a piece of jewelry to turn your wrist and whole hand into a work of art. You can also exercise your creativity relatively simply, connect your favorite bracelets and rings together, and DIY them out.

Mirrored necklaces

You will not wear an actual mirror around your neck. The mirrored effect of these amazingly beautiful necklaces is created by the careful blend of different metals that reflect light. This is not only a truly luxurious and unique addition to your fashion style, but it is also a perfect example of a true holiday bling, because its reflective and delicate nature is very reminiscent of Christmas ornaments. So, why leave all the work that brings light and vitality to the party to the Christmas tree? If you can wear a mirror necklace that shows your personality, the effect will be better.

Oversized chain link and tribal necklace

For those who value individuality and uniqueness, this is a real feast. Short necklaces and oversized chain necklaces are a major part of 2020 fashion and will definitely make you stand out in the entire Christmas party. These jewelry are generally handmade, or designed as colorful beads and pearls. If you can’t decide which style you prefer-color or monochrome-you can easily achieve the best of both worlds by choosing a planer outfit and this gorgeous neck decoration.

Pendant earrings

We all know and love to wear pendant necklaces, but the Christmas trend in 2020 is more than that. Swing earrings are a unique and interesting way to embellish your clothes and show your personality, especially you can freely match different pendants. In other words, you can easily change your favorite pair of earrings, no matter how delicate they look, just add a pendant that you think is perfect for Christmas parties or other special occasions. After that, just remove the pendant and you will be back to the original state. This is a dream trend full of creativity and artistic soul.

The single earring trend

Rocking a single earring seems to be a trend that will never go away. This holiday season, too, you can show off your unique fashion sense and quirky personality by choosing an eye-catching and elegant earring that will hang straight to your shoulder on just one side. These days there are even earring pairs available with purposefully different sizes and lengths of the earrings if you’re looking for a more cohesive jewelry look.

Three-finger ring

Bold rings are where it’s at! The bigger the better trend is still going strong, but the current spotlight is reserved for the triple or three-finger rings that, as the name suggests, adorn three of your fingers at once, if you plan to make a lasting impression while drinking cocktails at a party, this is the pearly color you want!

Adding jewelry to your clothing is a great way to showcase your taste, style and personality. If you are looking for Christmas jewelry ideas for 2020, you can’t go wrong following the trends mentioned above.

If you are looking for unique, fashionable, timeless and durable jewelry, these jewelry will become part of your most important image. Don’t be afraid to shine and be the star in your own galaxy. After all, why not bring light into this plain and desolate environment?