If you have ever had sterling silver jewelry, you will know that it will lose its luster and turn black over time.

We all know that sterling silver is not easy to lose its luster. It is very resistant to stains and keeps its color.

However, sterling silver jewelry exposed to air and humidity will lose its luster over time. The reason behind this is that other metals in the alloy (usually copper) react with moisture and sulfur in the air. These chemicals combine with silver to cause discoloration. If your silver jewelry is exposed to chemicals such as cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, sprays and cleansers, it will lose its luster more quickly.

Prevent silver tarnish

Regardless of quality or price, sterling silver will lose its luster over time. Although you can’t stop it, you can definitely slow down the process.

Storage: One of the main methods is to store your silver jewelry so that it is not exposed to the air. You can put the silver in a sealed bag. A good way is to put some anti-rust strips in the bag. This prevents rust. You can also store silverware in air-closed jewelry boxes or other low-humidity areas. To prevent moisture in the air, you can use silica gel or chalk to absorb the air.

Chemicals and Exposure: After wearing jewelry, be sure to wash it before storing. Body fats and other elements accumulate on the surface of the silver, accelerating rust. It is best to remove all silverware before touching water (such as swimming and showering). Keep away from household chemicals, body fluids, or any sulfur-containing items such as latex, wool, and onions. Also don’t let it come into contact with cosmetics, lotions or cosmetics. Always put your silver jewelry at the end.

Maintenance: When washing the silverware, wash it with warm water and soap. Wipe dry with a soft cloth, remove dry water stains, and store carefully. Polishing your silver is another great way to delay tarnishing.

How to restore the luster of silver jewelry

For silver jewelry that has lost its luster, the best way to remove the unsightly black coating is to polish the silver jewelry. There are several different polishing methods:

Use a silver jewelry cleaner. Use a small amount on a soft cloth and gently polish the silver jewelry several times. Then, wash the silver jewelry with warm water and rinse off with water.

Use a silver polishing cloth. When wiping the silver jewelry with a cloth, avoid circles, as this will increase the scratches. Instead, you have to rub the silver jewelry back and forth.

Send your silver jewelry to a jeweler for professional cleaning.

Put your silver jewelry in a silver cleansing dipping solution. You can find commercial tinctures, but these tinctures can have an impact on your health and can damage the surface of silver.

A safer option is to make your own silver clean dipping sauce at home. Here’s a way:

To do this, lay aluminum foil in a bowl, add baking soda and salt, then pour boiling water. Add some white vinegar. Soak the silverware for a few minutes. Once the stain is removed, take out the jewelry and wipe it. This is a fast, economical and very easy way to restore your luster of silver.