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When choosing a gold or silver necklace, most men are guided by three jewelry parameters. The first is the style of weaving: concise or voluminous? The second is weight: someone likes light necklaces; someone prefers massive options. And finally, the price is important.

However, the key parameter is the length. It is she who determines whether the necklace will be beautiful and elegant, or whether it will rather resemble a caricature image from old crime comedies. Too short or too long a chain can visually shorten the neck, make the chin more voluminous, and even increase the age of the man.

We tell you how to choose the right necklace for a man.

Optimal and individual values

Men’s necklaces are almost always jewelry that emphasizes the masculinity of the owner. Therefore, they are more voluminous and thicker than women’s. They are usually longer too.

The optimal length of the male necklace is 50-60 centimeters. However, this is an “average” parameter. For thin men, it will be too long, for muscular men it will be short. Therefore, it is important to select the necklace individually, and not based on “optimal” values.

Rules for choosing a men’s necklace as a gift

When choosing a chain as a gift for a beloved man, you should start from your own intuition, in the end, only you know his image and physique very well. However, there are five simple recommendations that will help you not to make a mistake and make a really good decision:

Thin men and teenagers (44-46 size of clothing) fit 40–42-centimeter chains. However, sometimes they can seem short. Then it is better to pay attention to 45-centimeter products.

For men of average build (48–52 size of clothes), 45-cm chains are suitable. They neatly emphasize the neck. 50 cm models will hang a little lower, which also looks quite elegant.

Men of full build fit necklaces longer than 55 centimeters. They visually transform the image, hiding imperfections, they make the neck slenderer and the face narrower.

Muscular men with a wide neck and shoulders fit chains longer than 55 centimeters. Shorter options may simply be too small or disharmonious.

Short (40 centimeters) thick chains are suitable for children. Such jewelry is not only stylish, but also safe, it is difficult to get confused in them.

A few more additional recommendations:

Men with round faces should wear longer chains. Short ones visually make the face look wider.

Tall men can safely buy long chains (50-60 centimeters). But for people of standard height, 40–50 cm products are better suited.

The necklace must be in harmony with the pendant (if you plan to wear it). Small crosses are best placed on thin threads. Large pendants – on chains with massive and voluminous links.

The type of weaving should be selected based on your aesthetic ideas. Among men, four types are most common, armored, anchor, “Bismarck” and “rhombus”. But fantasy weaving is practically not used.

Silver or gold necklace?

Men in most cases choose gold necklaces. This noble metal is perfectly combined with any image, suitable for any age and emphasizes the masculinity and status of the owner. And a gold necklace is a great way to save capital.

Silver necklaces are cheaper than gold ones. Men also choose them quite often – thanks to the cold shine and the ability to harmonize with any skin and hair color. But if the owner already has gold jewelry for constant wear – for example, a bracelet, rings or a watch, then the silver chain will be out of harmony with them.

How to find the right necklace length

Wrap the string around your neck in such a way that it lies fairly loose, but does not dangle. Measure the resulting length and you will get a suitable chain length for self-wearing. If you plan to hang a cross or pendant on it, add 5-10 centimeters to the resulting length.

Standing in front of a mirror, try to place a string around your neck and torso as if it were a chain. By adjusting its length (increasing and decreasing), choose the most successful option. The result obtained will be the appropriate necklace length.

Try on several chains of different lengths at the jeweler’s and measure the length of the one that looks best on you. Measure the chain directly, without the lock.

How to choose necklace thickness

Not only style depends on the thickness of the necklace. Therefore, subjective parameters (like it or not), of course, matter, but it is worth considering a few more rules:

Necklaces 2–3 mm thick are worn alone. They may not withstand a pendant or a cross. If you still want to wear a pendant, please note that its weight must be less than 50% of the mass of the necklace, otherwise the links risk stretching and breaking.

Necklaces 4–5 mm thick are the most practical and versatile. They are usually chosen to be worn with crosses, pendants and pendants. The average thickness makes them suitable for any look.

Neckalces 6–20 mm thick are usually worn on their own, without pendants or pendants. They are visually (and often actually) very massive and voluminous. Therefore, such necklaces are most often chosen by men with a large physique; on thin guys, they may look ridiculous.

How to wear a men’s necklace

Men’s necklaces are quite versatile jewelry, so they can be worn as you like. With or without a pendant (cross), under clothing or above it. The most common options are:

Over a T-shirt;

Under the shirt, unbuttoned on a couple of top buttons;

Over jumpers.

It is worth considering that in some cases the necklace may be out of the dress code – a demonstration of jewelry is not always appropriate.

Whether to remove the men’s necklace at night or not?

One simple rule applies here: if a man is comfortable sleeping in a necklace, then it is not necessary to remove it. And regardless of the length and thickness. If it is uncomfortable or there is a risk of damaging the jewelry, then it is better to remove it. In any case, we recommend that you always remove your jewelry at night.

Men’s necklaces need to be cleaned regularly because they are in contact with the body and skin secretions. It is recommended to carry out these hygiene procedures every 1–1.5 months. You can clean men’s necklaces yourself or have a jeweler.

Despite the fact that the necklaces are made of metals, they must be handled with care. You should not pick them off, throw them on the table and store them on a shelf, it is better to carefully remove them and place them in special boxes or on jewelry stands. This will protect the surface of the necklace from scratches.