Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Of numerous female accessories, the earring is most eye-catching. However, most females focus too much on the styles in choosing earring, while unconsciously neglect of match of their facial form and complexion with earring head and pattern. Then, what should the females consider most in choosing earring?

First, you should know the type of your facial form, and then, decide which type of earring of opposite form to be chosen. Generally, square face best matches round or semicircular earring with round brim, so as to offset the feeling of face squareness. In contrast, square or sharp-edged earring will highlight the imperfection of facial form. Females of plump face should choose pointed geometrical earring. Women of triangular face should choose pendant type earring in the form of narrow upper part and wider lower part, for this will make sharp chin a little bit plumpness. Egg-shaped face is free to choose ran forms of earring, for this type of face is suitable for any pattern of earring.

Next, choose the right color of earring; regularly making-up females should choose earring in the color close to the shade of eyes makeup. For example, red earring is most suitable for matching the close color of cosmetic, green or light green earring is the perfect match of green cosmetic, while topaz and gray earring is suitable for brown eyes.

Again, female skin color is another factor to be considered in choosing earring. White skin females may choose metallic earring made of silver or platinum; yellowish complexion females may choose earring of gold, cupronickel and bronze colors.

Furthermore, reference should be made to current world popular patterns. Presently, pendant type earring is most popular. It varies in shapes, of which some are small and exquisite, kind of delicacy and elegance, while others are hulking at first glance, but extraordinarily adorable and special on the ear.