Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Inherent characteristics:

Light: specific gravity of titanium is 4.51, about half of that of stainless steel, cobalt and chromium alloys, and much lighter than gold (16.3), making it an excellent material for production of ear-drop and necklace.

Titanium is of excellent corrosion resistance: titanium is a very active element, easily reactive with oxygen to produce Tio2; however, oxidation film with thickness of several to tens of nanometers on the surface of titanium is integral and compact, with transient self-recovery capacity after local damage, and stability in most environments, this is the theoretical foundation of corrosion resistance of titanium. The merits of corrosion resistance jewelry are noncorrosive, non-discolor, lasting luster and waterproof properties.

Titanium can dye: titanium has an interesting property that is not found in other metals, that its surface may change among various colors; put metallic titanium into electrified electrolyte at a given current for a given period of time, its surface will deposit one layer of oxidation film, and the thickness of oxidation film may determine color change without addition of element. Available colors of titanium jewelry are gold, black, blue, brown, black and white etc. This property enables design of more colorful and fashionable jewelries.

Titanium is not likely to deform and does not require reshaping: titanium features high hardness, no deformation, and no need for reshaping after use for period of time like common gold and silver jewelries.

Stylish and frontier features:

Marking of new material: the emergence of accessories made of titanium marks breakthrough of new material in traditional and old industry dominated by gold and silver jewelry. In addition to decoration, jewelry has already becoming a symbol of social standing and identity, as the third metal, the coming of titanium in jewelry industry adds health, elegant and fashionable charm to jewelry.

Symbol of feminine spirit: titanium(Ti)-silver gray metal, specific gravity of 4.5, melting point of 1668°C, light in weight but tough, representing urban female lightness, aestheticism and tenacity.

Symbol of masculine spirit: in 1795, Klaproth, a Germany chemist, discovered titanium during research of rutile, which he named titan, the son of the earth in the legend of ancient Greece, and “titan spirit” bears the meaning of marching forward bravely; its natural strength and texture has the heroic spirit of titan, highlighting “titan” spirit of urban males like that of the son of the earth.

Symbol of romantic love: titanium is highly corrosion resistant, it will not blacken like silver, and will remain original color at normal temperature. Lovers’ titanium jewelry represents superior quality of loyalty, no treachery and persistence in love.

Healthy features:

Titanium metal does not have any harm against human body, rather, it supports human pursuance of health and longevity; medical practice proves that, titanium-made organs can be transplanted inside body for long, which is magic for its harmlessness to human body; with excellent biological compatibility and tenacious stability, titanium jewelry, after long contact with human body, will not cause allergy, side effect to skin, nerves and taste, as if a lover in your body, thus it’s praised as biologically affable metal. Titanium jewelry is absolutely harmless to human body, making it the first choice for modern people of allergic skin.

Aviation features:

This is an exclusive selling point of China, according to Dr. Yang Mingxing, assistant dean of Gemological Institute China University of Geosciences (Wuhan),titanium is also called space metal. During today’s boom of aviation development in China, the civilians will contribute more to national aviation cause, and titanium, as the first choice of aircraft material, will certainly come into modern people’s life driven by spaceflight fever. In the numerous aviation tests of Shenzhou aircraft, titanium can be collected by ordinary people as memorial symbolizing the evolution of China’s space cause.

The era dominated by gold and silver jewelries will come to an end. You may have smelled the wave of titanium jewelries just from the new release of several major brands of jewelry, their production programs and keeping up with the trend.