Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

After many months of painstakingly waiting, the time has finally come to bid farewell to your winter wardrobe and ring in the new season with your favorite warm weather pieces. But after spending hours finessing the perfect cold weather outfits, how does one fill the empty void in their closets of their now out-of-season, perfectly curated sweater collection? Our editors have learned there’s no better way to send off your past season wardrobe to storage than to bring in the new with style. The time has come to start investing in the perfect summer jewelry that would have never worked with your cozy turtlenecks or heavy coats. We liken the experience to that of finally shedding your winter shell and emerging an effervescent summer butterfly. Well, a butterfly decked out in the hottest new summer jewelry that is.

Trade in your wool turtlenecks for fun and playful summer necklaces, long sleeves for charismatic bracelet stacks, and your cozy earmuffs for an ear-scape adorned with the most stylish earrings this season. While the art of mastering the perfect summer stack might seem like an undertaking to some, don’t fret- we have created the ultimate style guide on how to revamp your wardrobe and take your jewelry game to the next level.

1)Necklace Stacking Summer Jewelry Trends

As the weather starts to warm and we begin to break out our favorite neck-baring tops, the opportunities to experiment with new and playful necklaces are endless. Break out of your everyday jewelry routine and embrace the whimsical colors and fresh designs of summer necklaces. With a wide range of options and styles, we recommend incorporating pieces that have multi-color beads and stones to capture the essence and playful nature of the summer season. Strands with shells are also a great start when beginning to build out your summer jewelry stacks. But with so many options available, it might seem difficult to know where to start. This season, we have deemed ‘more is more’ is the philosophy to live by when accessorizing this summer and suggest layering up on these pretty pieces to achieve the ultimate summer look. Start by selecting a colorful statement necklace as your base and continue adding more delicate chain and pendant pieces to complete your look.

2) Summer Anklets and How to Wear Them

When finishing off your outfit and adding the final touches, there may be one crucial step you’re missing this upcoming season. It’s often said that you never leave the house without your shoes; well I think this summer, the same will be said for anklets. A simple and easy addition to any look, the anklet adds a bit of extra care and fun to your summer wardrobe. This season, make sure to invest in colorful, shell-adorned pieces to give your feet a little extra sparkle and say goodbye to the days of depending on your shoes to complete your outfit. Perfect for adding a little extra effort to simple outfits, summer anklets are also an easy-to-throw-on accessory for creating a well-rounded and completed beachwear look. Whether you’re headed to the dunes or making your way to work, be sure to never leave the house without the essential summer staple.

3) Perfect Bracelet Combinations for a Go-To Summer Look

Not every bracelet has to be doused in diamonds this summer. Try a combination of luxury pieces with more affordable and whimsical beaded options. After a seemingly never-ending winter, our editors have fully jumped on board with the idea of an easy and effortless summer season. Try pairing your favorite investment bracelets and timepieces with colorful strands and stones to achieve the perfect balance of put together playfulness. Can’t choose which pieces to wear? Don’t! Throw on all of your best summer jewelry to complete any look this season. Pair with a simple sundress to add an element of fancy or try this stacking style with a pair of loose jeans and a t-shirt to dress up your casual look.

4) Summer Sunglasses Chains

An unexpected addition to the lineup for the best jewelry to have this summer, sunglass chains are a new and cool way to spice up your summer outfits. Go for a colorful beaded option to add a bit of brightness into your routine, or stick to a traditional gold chain to keep things simple. The vintage silhouette gives the wearer a hint of nostalgia while still maintaining a modern feel.  Pair these colorful chains with oversized acetone frames in any color or try a simple gold chain with a neutral tortoise sunny to make any outfit you wear this summer stylish.

5) Mismatched Summer Earrings

Those of us who have gathered up enough courage to get multiple ear piercings will reap the benefits this summer. With a myriad of unique shapes and innovative colors, these colorful ear pieces are sure to elevate any look to capture the essence of summer. Mix-and-match the pairings to achieve an effortless bijoux aesthetic. The key to mastering the perfect ear-scape look this season is to expertly pair your traditional gold pieces with more fun and playful ones. Try some summer jewelry styling cue with a simple day time look to bring an element of surprise or spice up your going-out look with an unapologetic amount of sparkle.