Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

A pair of good earrings works on your face like a pair of good shoes that work on your legs. Just because you like the design of a pair of earrings, doesn’t mean they will like you or praise your unique characteristics.

Your face shape and the shape of the earrings seem to be very important. It is best to know before you buy earrings. If you lack this knowledge, please be sure to find related articles or related professionals to help you tobuy earrings. Let them arm your thoughts, some shapes of jewelry bring you the best features. Do you know your face? Please read the article on the shape of the face and earrings. When evaluating a pair of earrings, please continue reading the questions below. How to evaluate whether these earrings make you look great!

You put on the earrings and lift the small mirror to the side of your face. So far, so good. Don’t just look at how beautiful those earrings are. Ask yourself these questions:

1)“how does it make me look?”

2)“What impression of me does it give?”

3)“Funny? Serious? Professional? Romantic? Intelligent?”

4)“What features of mine does it highlight?”

5)“Does it make my eyes pop?”

6)“Does it make my neck look longer?” I always like that!

7)“Does it give me that high cheekbone look?”

Ask your friend. Ask you Jeweler. (Have one who’ll tell you the truth.) Using The Three Foot Rule to See if Those Earrings Loves You Back.

Stepping Farther Back from Your Mirror Shows You How Others View You, What you need to do now, is stand back three feet in front of a full length mirror and see how those earrings make you look. The same applies to rings, chains and more.

How are the earrings on your ears designed? Does their shape match your face? Your eyes?  Your hairstyle? Imagine how others would look at you when you wear them.

I call this the expression as ” across the room ” look, It is a very important step to figure out if this pair of earrings is right for you.

Start to notice the effect long dangling earrings have on your cheekbones. See if a squared-off bottom edge makes your square jaw look, more square! If so, is that a good thing for you?

If you look good, everything is fine, it is a perfect jewelry for you. Drawing of Angular Face with Hoop Earrings, Soft Curves of Hoop Earrings Warm up an Angular Featured Face

What makes your perfect?  Is this pair of earrings?

A pair of perfect earrings will highlight your best features. It helps to define who you are. It can enhance your beauty. It has work to do and it does a good job.

There is no reason to limit the number of these “perfect” earrings you have in your collection. In fact, you don’t have to have a perfect pair of earrings. You may have a lot. Please don’t limit yourself. Don’t just buy earrings that look beautiful. Go to find those earrings that make you look great!