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Red Nymph Jewelry

Are earrings only for women? Not necessarily. The same is true of other types of jewelry, as well. Over recent years, we have seen men wearing kadas, rings, necklaces, and even nose rings. Jewelry designers have a larger demographic to create designs for, giving men more freedom to explore different styles for every occasion. That’s right. Men also like to change their jewelry from their daily wear and like to experiment.

Many cultures have ear-piercing ceremonies for both boys and girls when they are still infants. Invariably, the boys stop wearing jewelry as they grow up, while the girls rarely remove their earrings.

Men have as deep a desire to express their individuality and style as women do. It is not just the celebrities that are seen wearing jewelry. Men’s earrings everywhere and in all walks of life look for ways to make a statement with their choices in style, be it shoes, watches, clothing or even unique jewelry. They choose whether to wear an earring in one ear or both, a bracelet or a Kada, an alphabet necklace or a pendant necklace. Their objective may be to wear jewelry because it adds to their ensemble or shows the world that they are nonconformists. Whatever their motive, we’ve seen a rise in the number of boys and men wanting to experiment with jewellery as part of their daily look.

Let’s explore some of these jewelry choices that men make. To start with, let’s find out what men must consider before they go shopping.

Pierced or not

Are your ears already pierced? If not, do you intend to get both ears pierced, or will you be settling for just one? Which ear? These are some of the questions you must answer before walking into a salon and having your ears pierced.

Minimalistic or elaborate

Another factor to keep in mind is your professional life. Not all employers will be receptive to their employees wearing earrings. They may be fine with a small earring or two. Therefore, you may have to collect different types of earrings and wear them according to your work.

Does age matter?

While we do not want to limit earrings to specific age groups, you may discover that the types of earrings may vary a little. The young adult may choose a youthful-looking earring in the current fashion, and the more mature and older gentlemen may prefer a sober look.

Is the shape of the face relevant?

Perhaps, it is. But, more importantly, the choice of earrings is not as scientific as wearing only the ones that suit the face’s shape. It is a matter of personal choice. But, if you were to approach it by looking at faces’ shapes – here are a few suggestions:

A heart-shaped face can go with straight earrings that have no curves, such as tapered earrings or a barbell.

Round or curved earrings will go well with a square or oblong face.

Square earrings will suit a round face.

Types of earrings for men

The range of jewelry earring designs for men continues to grow, be it hoops or studs. The choice of metal also offers variety. Still, here are a few types you can add to your collection.

Stud earrings

You may think picking studs to wear is simple and straightforward – no need to spend time mulling over too many shapes and styles. But, that is not always the case. You have much to sift through before picking the right pair of ear studs. For instance, our gemstone stud is made of white gold and has an Onyx. You can buy just one or buy a pair. It is discrete and can be worn anywhere and on formal and informal occasions. If you love to wear a diamond, there’s a Mark diamond ear stud, which is elegant and classy with a single diamond glittering away but subtly.

Hoop earrings

While hoops can be big or small, men can choose plain hoops or ones with a gemstone. You may find our Diamond hoop for men highly effective in making a style statement. Hoops earrings can be a thin or thick band and worn in both ears. You can also have a tiny teardrop fall from the hoop making it more dramatic.

Dangle earrings

Some men may choose danglers with a religious symbol, as many celebrities do, starting with George Michael and the single earring he wore. Fortunately, there is no limit to the danglers, and they come in various designs. You can choose steel or silver danglers and add a tiny charm to it, too.

Clip-on earrings

For the unpierced ears, there are clip-ons. They help you grow accustomed to wearing earrings until you decide if you want to get them pierced. They also help you stay within the strict dress codes at work.

Obviously, diamonds are not just women’s best friends, not anymore! And, jewelry is no longer the domain of women only. So go ahead and let your style shine like a diamond with a solitaire in your ear from our collection for men. Or you can choose among the several loose diamonds and have our artisans create a unique earring for you.