Maybe you want some original jewelries of your own style, but you are not sure where to start? You can leave the design work to our professional designers. You just need to email us your idea or a sketch or a picture, and we will help you find the jewelry style that suits you. Our designers will help you discover your favorite design elements with their rich jewelry design experience and their collections. Once our designers help you discover design possibilities, we will design an original jewelry that fits your lifestyle and budget.

First, it’s important to understand the type of custom design you want:

1)  Create a new jewelry

If you are a creative type, have your own design, or see a style inspired you, we can help you turn your ideas into a jewelry of your style. Our designers can determine the design solution by choosing the materials, feasibility, durability, and affordability of your jewelry. This is a very beneficial process, and as a result, you will feel that this original fine jewelry is your own design. It will perfectly fit your concept, style, temperament and your budget, and will be done by some of the best jewelry manufacturers

2) Modify existing Jewelries

Custom designs often come from existing jewelry. Many times, customers will see the jewelry they like, but they prefer to make these jewelries with different gems or materials. Often, our customers want existing products to be thinner, longer, taller, or prefer different textures or patterns. The problem we often face is how to make similar jewelry at a price that fits the budget. No problem, we have professional jewelry designers! We will do the way you want for you!

You may even have found the perfect design, except for its materials. We can simply switch the type of stone or use a different precious metal that may be enough to satisfy your personal taste.

3) Copy Jewelry

Many of our clients have copied family heirlooms. In some cases, an extra piece of jewelry is made for other family members. Some of the most popular jewelry items have been lost or worn and need to be replaced. Our team of designers can redesign or copy most of your jewelry, as long as there are no trademark or patent infringements caused by the reproduction of this jewelry.

In other cases, if the stone or heirloom material has emotional value, you may want to restore the original jewelry. If so, you may prefer to check the recovery of this item. A knowledgeable jeweler will check the safest repair methods, maintaining authentic original materials and designs while ensuring safe wear.

In jewelry design, we eliminate the fear of custom-designed jewelry. No need to worry. Our designers will work with you to help you choose the jewelry elements you like with confidence. Our responsibility is to ensure that your needs are identified before the project is executed for you. We are very confident in the custom jewelry design process, so all of our custom jewelry is completed with customer approval. Our designers will help you modify the design until you are completely satisfied.