Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Actually, we can also choose and wear unusual fashionable earring in line with our clothing style and fabric.

When wearing clothing made of thick and heavy fabrics like wool, worsted and fur, rare and valuable earring such as gold and silver jewelry should be worn to display the wearer’s nobleness and modesty.

When wearing clothing of light and thin fabrics like silk and satin, exquisite earring should be worn to create bright and lively disposition.

Full dress together with short ear pendant and earring in plain color will arouse the feeling of elegance.

Casual clothing and fashionable dress are perfect match of acute ear stud or simple earring, and keep in mind to expose the ears when wearing large-size ear stud. If you’re a fashion fan, wear earring with crystal bead, which leads to 100% second glance!

In a word, material, pattern and grade of fashionable earring should match the clothing, so as to maintain coordinated overall image in terms of style and taste.