Determining your skin tone: There are two reliable ways to determine your skin tone. The first is to look at the color of your veins. The second is to carefully observe the color of your skin and consider its behavior.

If your veins are blue, your skin tone will be cool. Your hair may be gold, dark brown or black. Your eyes are probably light blue or brown. If you are easily burned,  or if your skin is light or has signs of redness, you fall into this category.

If your veins are greener, your skin tone will be warmer. Your hair may be red or light gold. Your eyes are likely to be bright blue, green or light brown. If you are easily tanned, or if your skin is ebony or espresso, you can tell others that your skin tone is warm.

If your skin has no obvious espresso, olive or red, your skin tone is neutral. A neutral skin tone is more suitable for cool colors.

Match your skin tone with the right jewelry. Now that you know what your skin color is, you can match your skin color with the correct jewel and jewel metallic color to create a perfect personal collection that will make you look the most beautiful.

Red, purple and blue gems are best suited to cool colors. Redstone includes rubies, garnets and tourmaline. Purple stones include amethyst, fluorite and sapphire. Blue stones include sapphires, topaz and aquamarine.

The cool complexion is also perfect for white metal. For example, silver or platinum.

A warm complexion is best suited for yellow, orange and green. Yellow/gold gems include yellow sapphires, lemon yellow and zircon. Orange stones include Spicer Garnet, Emperor Topaz and Moonstone. Green stones include emeralds, emeralds and olivines.

The warm complexion is also best suited for yellow metal. For example gold or copper.

Diamonds are suitable for any skin tone.

Match your skin tone with the right pearls. Pearls generally come in three shades. Most people are familiar with the traditional white pearls but there are also rose tinted pearls and silver tinted pearls. Knowing this, you can match your skin tone to the proper tint of pearls.

Cool skin tone looks best with the traditional white pearls and rose tinted pearls.

Warm skin tone matches best with silver tinted pearls, but can also pull off white pearls.