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Red Nymph Jewelry

People are concerning more about the brand of wedding ring, in the feeling of high-grade brand representing nobleness. Everybody wishes a lasting marriage, diamond is regarded as important representative of love and marriage.
Then, what brand of wedding ring is OK? Brand is only one of the considerations in choosing wedding ring, but it’s far from a determinant factor. We buy wedding ring in high quality, while diamond is a natural mineral with no direct connection to brand, except added value to the brand. What brand of wedding ring is good? There are criteria for evaluating the quality of wedding ring, let’s take a look at them!

Carat weight-carat has been deemed as a determinant criterion in weighing the value of diamond. In fact, diamond cutting, its luster, purity and weight are as much important with regard to the value of diamond. A 2-carat diamond produced by poor cutting process, in yellowish color and with flaw is much less in value than a perfectly cut, transparent and pure diamond. Therefore, the weight of diamond is not the major factor determining the value of diamond. Yet, the weight of diamond has impact on its value.

Color-some reference diamonds are displayed in some big jewelry shops, where diamonds of various levels of luster are displayed in rows for reference by the buyers, because ordinary buyers are unable to differentiate diamond luster by naked eyes. Colorless diamond is superior in quality, and diamond in darker color is less valuable.

Cut-cutting is the only artificial factor. A skilled diamond cutter can produce shining diamond from unprocessed stone, reflect inner ray to the surface to the maximum extent. The cutter should cut a symmetric diamond as if looking into the mirror.

Clarity-generally speaking, flaw determines the value of diamond. Or more precisely, in depends on the amount of impurity inside the diamond. Nearly each unprocessed stone contains diamond impurity, even the highest grade of stone has certain tiny flaws. Diamonds of LC grade purity are deemed as flawless.

Setting-setting is also an important part of diamond. Defective setting may cause many troubles and even peeling off diamond. Thus, look close to firm holder and sufficient thickness at the jointing point of diamond in buying wedding ring.

Shape-diverse patterns are available in jewelry market, the jewelry designers are making continuous innovation. However, classic patterns are round, oval, pearl and square. In short, the shape of diamond has no impact on its value and quality. In contrast, it embodies the aesthetics and original shape before cutting of the diamond.