It’s everybody’s instinct with aesthetic appreciation. In the process of makeup, diamond plays an indelible role, and successful cool men desire more about highlight and decoration by diamond jewelry.

Young and trendy boys like to be different. The fever of diamond earring of David Beckham is very popular among young fashion goers. Simple, romantic, plain lines and bold pattern are major style of male earring, most with hard stripes or diamond abstract stereo pattern, the diamond is at a conspicuous position, and even single diamond is used, emitting the masculine charm. Now, if you’re a cool boy, you may have a single diamond ordered, DIY pattern or tailored style by jewelry designer, for making of one single ear stud or earring, and we assure you that it will not “duplicate”.

Diamond will add a bit of stateliness for you in business arena; diamond collar clip will bring you with infinite astuteness around negotiation table; diamond sleeve button will make you more gentle in the office. Comparing with female diamond jewelries, male counterparts focus relatively more on several types, except with must less flaring design, most feature dull polishing and matting surfaces for developing contrast effect, and highlighting the shining rays of diamond. Actually, plain design is more fashionable in taste, even simple lines are popular among males. In particular, design of male diamond ring is in large area, quadrangular design reportedly means “command all directions”, while parabola surface is metaphorical of “advance through storms and waves”, kind of meditation and steadiness, right?

A progressive and diligent gentleman never goes without a branded wristwatch, and an elegant toff always has a shining diamond-set watch in company. Now, the trend of men wear is mimic of official dress of rank and fashion, with strong support of top-class designers, shining diamond and jewelry are becoming indispensable highlights on the male models walking along T-shaped runway. Will you become part of this fashionable wave? Simple enough, preparing a diamond-set luxurious wristwatch will be done. In addition to traditional robust style, men watch in this season can be depicted as dazzling, many super stars and celebrities positively respond to diamond wave by adding more or less diamond to their various styles of wristwatch, in extreme cases, some brands boldly use black diamond that is less popular, together with novel diamond setting.