Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Although accessories belong to the part of detail, they often more reflect personal taste. A working woman who concerns much about her personal image should pay more attention to matching accessories.
Bear in mind not to wear too much accessories together with female business suit, one or two accessories are exquisite decoration and ornament, but wearing more than three accessories at the same time leave behind nothing but vulgar impression. Remember: accessories function for decoration and tuning of dressing, so as to make them more in harmony with personal demeanor.

1  Necklace

When it comes to selection of necklace, price is not a key factor, and the important thing is not the pattern of necklace but harmonious matching with age, complexion and clothing. Usually, the elderly should select gold or platinum necklace of superior texture and refined workmanship; young people should select necklace of proper texture and color and new pattern, such as bone and pearl necklace and so on.


Large suspending earring is not suitable for the female with glasses, but close-fitting earring will make them more elegant and pretty. The match of earring and complexion should not be neglected. Female with fair skin color may select earrings in bright color. Female with bronze skin may select earrings in dark color. Silver earring will bring the best effect to female with dark skin. Bronze or silver earring fits female with pale skin.

3  Bracelet & Brace Lace

Bracelet and brace lace are not indispensable ornaments, thus working woman does not need to wear them in workplace, and should better not wearing them. Wearing bracelet in the environment of office building makes no sense at all, and is likely to become laughingstock among workmates and by others.

4  Leather handbag

A leather handbag is an indispensable ornament for each working woman in all occasions, which has decorating and using values. The knapsack-type handbag is light and simple for use by most female. The portable handbag is luxurious and fashionable, which fully embodies the female user’s profession, position, social status and aesthetic taste Generally, common casual portable handbag is suitable for use while outing, and refined leather handbag is mostly used by working women. Keep in mind to match handbag pattern and color with clothing.

5   Silk stockings

A pair of pretty silk stockings highlights the curve and mystery of female legs. Silk stockings are essential accessory for modern women. Attention should be paid to the color of silk stockings. Working women should only wear flesh-color silk stockings in governmental or business occasion; during leisure time and wearing leisure wear, the color of silk stockings should be selected to match with the clothing. It should be noted that, it’s absolutely inelegant to wear silk stockings with visible damage or broken silk. Moreover, the welt of silk stockings should not be lower than bottom skirt brim. In wearing miniskirt, pantyhose is advised to avoid bare welt.

Silk stockings are also a symbol of status. If you’re a while collar, or as long as you loathe to be treated as a special type of people, never wear silk stockings with dotted black meshes.

6  Finger ring

Finger ring should match with the profile of fingers. Short and small fingers fit finger ring set with single gem, such as olive, pear and oval singer rings; only ring that is not too wide will bring the effect of slender fingers. Slender fingers fit broad ring, for example, rectangular ring set with single gem will bring the effect of more slender and plump fingers. Plump fingers with long nails fit circular, pear and heart patterns of finger ring set with gem, or finger ring with bold and innovative geometric figure can be selected.

Also, finger ring should match with body form and skin color. Female of slender body and smooth skin is suitable for wearing finger ring set with dark-colored gem and with narrow ring. Female of plump body and dark skin color is suitable for wearing finger ring set with light-colored gem and with wide ring.


Brooch is an indispensable accessory, which, regardless of the pattern of bright-colored flower or flashing colored stone, as long as is carefully matched with simple clothing, will be enough to unforgettably impress the others at the first sight.

The brooch with pink flower pattern is in appealing charm or elegant and refined form, representing the grace of diverse personal demeanors. The boutonniere on fur overcoat in clear line or soft knitted sweater spontaneously arouses the feeling of female gentility and charm, to which the lookers are delighted. Butterfly-formed brooch set with colored stone, with shining silvery, tender pink and soft sky-blue, together emanates colorful and resplendent luster, is vivid on the butterfly wings, full of liveliness and dynamics, which, when combined with solid-color jacket or decorated with black dress, highlights nobility and liberality. The brooch set with red and crystal diamond, with rose madder of romantic rose pattern and transparency of crystal clearness, constituting elegant demeanor of the noble people, the simplified and flowing design sets off the wearer’s delicate, pretty and refined temperament.

8  Headscarf

A novel and refreshing headscarf will add a bit of charm and elegant demeanor to female wearer. From the aesthetic viewpoint, headscarf should be selected mainly by the design, color and style of clothing. To have quiet and elegant effect, the headscarf should be of the same color scheme as the clothing, for example, in case of light yellow clothing, coffee headscarf will fit; to exhibit passion and unrestraint, contrasting colors are suitable, for example, navy overskirt matching with bright red headscarf. The headscarf should also contrast with skin color to show its beauty. Milky white or pink headscarf will make dark-skin wearer more charming; brown or blue headscarf will make fair-skinned wearer sedate and elegant.

9  Watch

Today, it’s a rare scene of a female with a wrist watch, except schoolgirls who wear fashionable watch for fun and timing. If you want to wear a watch, make sure it’s a name brand of very high taste.

10 Other

Like fashion, accessories are seasonal. Light and exquisite accessories are suitable for spring and summer to match with soft dress.

Do not wear accessories to expose your physical disadvantages. For example, unhandsome ear profile does not fit exaggerated eardrop; fingers lack of slenderness and plumpness does not fit ring set with large gemstone or pearl, so as to avoid magnified physical disadvantages以. Female with long neck and fair skin should better be dressed up with wide necklace, even with multiple necklaces winding together, to create rich and tiered sense of beauty. Female with stumpy neck and without plump face may wear slim necklace to add some charm.

The accessories should not only match with your face and demeanor, but also with your body form. Remember: wearing accessories is to make you looking more modest, beautiful, elegant and unrestrained.

In short, accessories are merely of decorative function, proper wearing helps upgrade your taste, improper wearing causes vulgar impression, and the key is matching with delicate and elegant temperament.