Many people think that the price of the diamond is decided by its size. It is not the case at all! Diamond has very strict verification criteria and many people must have heard of the diamond 4C standard, a consistent ID verification.
Diamond 4C stands for COLOR, CARAT WEIGHT, CLARITY, and CUT. The 4C standard for diamonds has a direct impact on diamond prices.

4C parameters are written on a certificate with international authority, the most common being the GIA international diamond certificate, equivalent to diamond’s “identity card”. We can only rely on this to offer consumers with authority and reliable basis.

GIA is short for Gemological Institute of America, which is of high authority. The certificate in the international and domestic markets is well accepted and acknowledged. Diamond 4C information on the certificate is very clear and you can also log on the official GIA website to verify details.

GIA is an independent, non-profit organization with a long reputation for impartiality. The code on GIA diamond girdle not only ensures the uniqueness of diamonds, but also serves as an important basis for diamond verification. More and more consumers have learned how to verifyby entering the code on the GIA official website.