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It’s unknown when wearing combined necklaces becomes a fashionable trend, indeed, many stars and fashion talents wear combined necklaces with unique and shining charm. However, it’s a skill to wear necklaces in such a style, for improper combination could lead to the feeling of overload and mess.
Then, how do we become more radiant in wearing multiple necklaces at one time? It’s worth to learn by fashionists. Now, the fashion advisor of Red Nymph will tell you some popular tips about wearing combined necklace.

1) Focus on layering: In most cases, necklaces of different lengths are combined, because much more combinations are available with diverse sizes and materials, which, once properly combined, remind us of strong sense of layering with additional charm of neck decoration, and without weariness of complexity.

2) Combination of fine necklaces: Fine necklace, a kind of exquisite and delicate headgear, is the favorite jewelry of many females. However, fine necklace seems dull unless you have elegant curves of clavicle and neck. Yet, combination of multiple fine necklaces arouses the sense of layering, adds a touch of eye-pleasing admiration, with no feeling of complicatedness, rather, it glorifies face and neck curves with gentleness and elegance.

3) Combination of necklace and neck ring: It’s a fashionable combination. Today, Baroque jewelry is increasingly fashionable, and neck ring is increasingly popular. When wearing two necklaces of contrary styles, it causes strong visual impact; neck ring is rigid, while necklace is elegant in tenderness, if both of the same metallic material, our feeling of rigid-soft combination in harmony is awakened in terms of uniqueness.

4) Combination of thick and fine necklaces: This is a popular style among many stars who are fond of western fashion, by neglecting different lengths of necklaces, and accepting differentiation of thick and thin necklaces; the simple overlaying causes the illusion of detachment.

5) Combination of necklaces made of different materials: Each material is unique in characteristic, so necklaces of different materials, once combined properly, set off with mutual merits and give rise to more charm. Sure, such overlaying entails skillful combination, the wearer needs to combine necklaces of different materials to find her own style.

6) Exaggerated combination of necklaces: It’s a time of fashion in personality and uniqueness, when it’s common to see similar combination of necklaces among many ladies; if you decide to pursue something of your independent character, it’s gutty to wear two exaggerated necklaces, which is visually aggressive, unlikely to meet the same style, and exhibits more personality.